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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How I saved some serious bucks!

I had mentioned that I had bought a tablet PC to use at home and take with me to vacations. I am so glad I did! It cost me the equivalent of USD 374 and saved me about USD 270 if not more. How?

It has GPS so, even without a data plan, the built-in GPS is excellent. I have downloaded a couple of different navigation apps to use during my stay in the USA. This way, I will not have to rent a GPS from the rental company which would cost me USD 270 before taxes. Yay me!

Besides, the 10.1 screen is excellent for navigation. I will be making some serious mileage while I am in the US so, this is great.

I am slowly getting used to using it. There are so many features that I haven't yet tried. I no longer carry my laptop home during the week. It is so light and the S-pen that comes with it, is excellent.

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  1. well done you, killed two birds with one stone as they say!