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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Life has been overwhelming during the last few months. To give you an idea;

I had my kitchen torn down, had the piping replaced, had new flooring installed, had electrical layout re-designed.

The kitchen order  I gave was delayed 5 (FIVE!!!!) weeks due to an ERP migration at the factory. Some idiots forgot to migrate all the codes necessary to build cabinets and an order could not be properly entered.

Finally, the kitchen arrived... with missing pieces... Then I was told the counter-top would have to be installed a week later. That meant I had to re-schedule installing the new oven, the hood and the stove top.

They delivered the wrong stove top. Another delay...
Finally, I decided not to install the hood before the ceramic tiles so, that will have to wait until next week. The tiles will be put up on saturday...

Meanwhile, I was swamped at work due to end of year issues. Caught the pneumonia but could not rest due to workload so that took a long time to heal. Then my allergies hit me badly because of the mess at home. The doctor told me the house dust mites are my worst enemy after an allergy test.

All the kitchen stuff was put in random places. The cleaning lady was sick, I could not keep up with cleaning chores and ergo house mites!

The kitchen will be completely done by next week and now the white refrigerator and the white dish washer look ugly in the new setting. However, I am not going to buy new ones before these die. They may look as ugly as they like to...

Oh! and I am over the budget by about USD 2.000!