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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

C-Level Titles

I have been working for over 28 years now and I just cannot keep myself from laughing at certain people who are so hung-up on their titles. They totally miss the fact that, they have no power whatsoever despite the flashy title. They could be called anything but, there is little they can influence. Yet they still want "that" title.

Once a sales person had told me she only dealt with C-Level Executives and that she could not get any decision taken by others. I know that is not entirely true. If a sales person does not get the buy-in of certain people at an organization, her/his project is doomed despite the C-Level push.

Having sad that, I must admit I am a Chief Operations Officer. I live with it.

I recently came up with some C-Level titles of my own and just wanted to share them with the few who read my blog.

Here we go:

CRHO: Chief Raising Havoc Officer: This is a person who constantly creates confusion and disruption at the office. Even the stupidest unimportant thing becomes an issue that must be discussed.

CCO: Chief Complaining Officer: This person can never be happy. Everything and anything is a reason for complaint. Nothing is ever their fault so that they can complain all the time.

CSAO: Chief Smart-Assed Officer: Well, self explanatory I guess. In some companies they may be named CKIAO: Chief Know-It-All Officer

Gotta go and resume my COO duties now. Have a fun day!


  1. Too funny... I work with way too many people who are like this... I just keep to myself and do what i have to do...

    1. Some people are just self important. I have a hard time with their inflated egos. I wish inflated egos could be pricked like a balloon:)