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Friday, August 19, 2016

Why spend money when it is not necessary?

I am planning to spend some money totally unnecessarily but it just feels right. How?

Well, the studio apartment I rented had a very old and filthy junk of a washing machine. Although I have a machine at my principal home, it is not easy or possible to carry the work clothes back and forth every week. So, a washing machine at the Studio is a necessity. I had initially thought of buying a very low end machine and splitting the cost of it with the landlord.

Then, I remembered that mom has an old machine that has very long cycles. She has been complaining about that for quiet a while now. I decided to ask her for her machine and offered to buy her a new one. I will shell out about 4 times as much money as compared to the above option but, this will make my mom happy. So why not?

I am a born saver and a budget maker. I make sure, I have some wiggle room in my budget for occasions like this because I like to make my family happy. I know for a fact that my mom will never purchase a new machine while the one she owns is still working. However, each time she needs to use this machine, she hates it. While I have the means for doing this, I would like to do it.

Now I am on the lookout for a fairly priced nice machine with short cycles. I will make every effort to score it at the best available price.

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