Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Closeout Sales

One of my go to chain stores decided to quit Turkey and sold it's stores. They offered sensibly priced Plus size clothing. So, I am especially upset.

The shops will remain open till the end of November. I try to look at every store that comes my way before it closes. I have discovered that all stores carry some merchandise another one may not carry. I have already bought over a dozen tops. I am just hoping to find some pants. Even two pairs would help my winter work wardrobe but, I am not optimistic. Everything is half off so, it really is a good deal but the selection is becoming poorer by the day.

Tomorrow, I am going to Ankara and there are a couple of stores for me to check-out. While, I am in Ankara, I would like to check out another plus size store which is very inconveniently located.

I am tall so, not only the size but the length of the trousers are a problem too.

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