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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trying different things for breakfast

In Turkey, a standart breakfast would almost consist of white cheese (similar to feta but not quiet so sharp), black and green olives, eggs, some variety of mostly homemade jam, honey, butter, toasted or fresh bread and tea, brewed the way we like it.

On the weekends it could be much richer with additional varieties of cheese, some pastries, may be crepes, Turkish sausages and lunch meat type of stuff. Especially, if you go out to eat, they usually stuff you. Dried fruit, egg dishes, walnuts and such are served also.

To give you an idea, a sunday brunch would look typically like this:

Of course, we do not have such rich food every day. My daily breakfast is a cheese sandwich made in a sandwich maker, 4-5 olives and tea. May be some cucumbers and tomatoes.

So, I have decided to try different things lately. For instance today, I had two hard boiled eggs and an avocado.

I also like oatmeal, a habit I picked up living in the US. A typical Turk would not like it.

Tomorrow is going to be a real treat. I had brought Organic Grade A Maple Syrup from my last visit to the US. So, I will be making pancakes and top them with Maple Syrup.

It is possible to find Maple Syrup here but they are usually grade B and extremely expensive. So, whenever I travel to the US, I take two cylindrical detergent containers with me and put the maple syrup in them tucked in safely with lots of plastic bags. Never had a leakage.

I also happen to like all sorts Peanut Butter Sandwiches, again a habit picked up in the US.

Do you have different breakfast habits? What do you like to have for breakfast?


  1. My favorite breakfast and the one that holds me for hours is 3 scrambled eggs and a glass of milk. If the eggs are large like my hens laid, I only scramble 2 eggs. Some days, I put chunks of medium cheddar cheese in the eggs as the cook. At other times, I fry two slices of bacon and then cook the eggs in a little bit of the bacon grease. I would love to have scrambled eggs with cheese AND bacon, but that is too decadent and fattening. The last two months I have not had the cheese or bacon. I must remedy that.

    If I have leftover field peas and potatoes, I love that. Leftover spaghetti or pizza is great. I like oats but usually save that for after dinner. A cheese sandwich or grilled cheese is a favorite of mine.

    Maple syrup is delicious. I have been mixing it with peanut butter to spread on bread. Sometimes, I even have that for breakfast. Have you ever eaten peanut butter with syrup mixed in?

    1. Peanut Butter and syrup? I will try that for sure!