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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Exercise Log May 9th

Yesterday, I walked home (if you can call the studio apartment that) and managed to get in my 5,000 steps overall.

Walked 10 minutes Sat 3 Minutes
Walked 28 minutes Sat 8 Minutes
Walked 5 more minutes

Normally, this should not take more than 20 minutes. Until, I can walk this distance in 20 minutes and without stopping, I will keep my daily walking goal at 5,000 steps. Pushing too much at 50 can be harmful.

However, leaving the car at work turned out to be a bad idea. I wanted to walk back to work this morning but, it was raining. So, I called the company driver and luckily he was able get me. Since it was raining, finding a cab would be impossible.


  1. Excellent! Literally one walk at a time is how you do it. I think your daily goal is terrific - I've set mine at 6,000. 10k is a bit of a stretch for me at the moment, but let's start where we are and go from there. xx

  2. Good job. At least the driver could come after you so you could get to work!