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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weekend and Monday

I was unable to walk 5000 steps over the weekend due to very heavy rain. Come to think of it, I could have Walked Away The Pounds with  Leslie Sansone. However, I did chores around the apartment and spent both days constantly moving.

I was able to get rid of more clutter but, I think a few more rounds of this activity is necessary

On Saturday, I managed to order new glasses. I ordered a pair of sunglasses too. That is my birthday present for my 50th  birthday coming up in June.

Progressive lenses are so darn expensive. If I were not working full time, I would consider using regular glasses for driving and reading separately. I am working so, one pair of glasses that I can wear all day long is much more manageable than two and I can afford them.

I do not have visual coverage in my insurance and the Government pays only a laughable amount of money so, I do not even try to use that coverage.

Yesterday, I brought lunch from home. It was enough for two meals so, I am having half of the veggie dish I brought today too. I walked 5,000 steps yesterday but it was more walking from store to store at a huge mall rather than walking at a steady pace.

If the weather permits tonight, I will walk again, this time at a steady pace. My back hurt for a while yesterday night but the pain subsided later on.

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  1. Even if you cannot walk, activity counts for something. People go to malls here and walk. At one time I walked a mile in the morning and a mile at night. One day, it was threatening to storm, so I did not want to be a half mile from home and have to walk through lightning and oaks blowing in the gusts. So, I just walked around blocks near me. Sometimes I would walk to the end of the block and back but not around the block. I got my mile in by really walking fast while I watched the sky and waited for the firs thunder and a raindrop. It worked. Of course, I never went out in the rain--too messy. Keep up the good work.