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Friday, June 23, 2017

A Good Team!

Yesterday night we had a dinner barbecue at work. Less than half of our employees fast during Ramadan. So, it was a nice surprise for them too. We have a very large garden and enough picnic tables to accommodate all our staff.

At the end of the night I was looking at the people while sipping tea and my boss came up to me to say: "This is a Good Team. Isn't it?" I told him I was thinking the same thing and thanked him. He said "What for?" I replied "For offering the position for my last job to make good memories". He thanked me too and we ended the night at about 11 p.m. chatting and laughing with the team.

It is the beauty of a small company doing a very technical job. There are only three problem people and one of them is leaving the company today. The other two work off-site so, the rest of the team can work in harmony and co-operation.

My boss is going away for vacation tomorrow and he will not be back before mid-August. He designates a couple of hours each day to communicate with work and the rest of the day, he is radio silent. As the founder and the sole owner of the company, he certainly deserves such a nice long break with his family.

A week after he comes back, I will be gone for two weeks.

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  1. Small companies can be nice in that way. The company I work for has about 50 employees now, but very family feel to it and I love working there. What a long break he gets! That must be so nice. You'll probably get a lot of work done with the boss gone, LOL.