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Saturday, June 17, 2017

BossMan, Olivia and Irene

Jean asked in a comment about the Bossman, Irene and Olivia and I have realized, I never gave you an update.

The BossMan wanted Irene and Olivia to talk it out but, Irene could not bring herself to send Olivia an apologetic message because, she did not think she was at fault. So, she sent a normal message to Olivia to get together and talk. She asked why Irene wanted to speak to her and she replied that it was about what has happened and that she felt it was necessary to talk face to face. Olivia never answered her back because she was probably expecting Irene to be apologetic.

Then I got fed up with all this nonsensical drama and told the BossMan that this is childish and that Irene should stay at least until the fall till after our vacations. Only then we can look for a new person, get her on board and let Irene go. Meanwhile there are 5 companies looking to buy our company so, may be there is no reason after all to let her go.

So, the whole thing is over now.

It was silly from the start.

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