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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Played Hostess on behalf of the Company

Last night, we had a dinner party. Some of you may know that it is Ramadan for the Muslims and the whole day fast is broken at dinner time. I do not fast or practice any of the religious rules but, it was an opportunity to invite our Customers for a nice dinner at a five-star hotel.

130 people or so attended and it was quite the success. I do not know how many of the attendees were really fasting but, that is none of my business.

The food and the service were superb. It cost a pretty penny to my boss but, he does not mind. The reputation of the company is more important.

At the beginning I had to grab the microphone and welcome the guests. No big deal. I could talk longer. I have no fear of addressing crowds.

I enjoyed the dinner and so did everybody else. That's what counts.

I actually dread these occasions because there are many things that might go wrong that are beyond one's control.

Next year, during Ramadan, I am taking my vacation :)


  1. Do the people seem to eat like they have not eaten all day? My friend lived in Yemen for a few years and she said it was "party all night" during Ramadan. What do the participating Muslims do if they are diabetic or have some reason they cannot safely go without food for so long? What could go wrong if a restaurant is doing all the work?

  2. Fasting is not mandatory for those who have health problems. So many things can go wrong such as bad service, tough meat, cold soup etc.

    1. I didn't think about problems with the restaurant food or service.