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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vacation- Part 1 First Few Days around NY

I got a terrible sinus infection right before the plane ride to the US. I went to see a doctor and she gave me some stuff in an IV to perk me up a little.

I was pretty miserable on the plane and despite my efforts, my ears got clogged.

My friends came to get me at the airport and they were hoping to go bar hopping in Manhattan that very night. Lol! Needless to say we only got as far as the Asian restaurant around the corner.

The next day, we did some shopping and went out to have drinks at night. The following day, visited another friend and had a good time by the lake. (Squantz Pond in CT)

Visiting the Freedom Tower was on top of my list so we did that together and had dinner at the Fish Market and had dessert at Ferrara's in Little Italy. Talk about life on the fast track, right?

NJ from top of the Freedom Tower

WTC Memorial Pool (North Tower)

From the top of Freedom Tower

Squantz Pond


  1. An IV at the doctor's office. Where do I sign up for that? It sounds like a good vacation so far. Those are great pictures. Got more?

    1. It was not a doctor's office. It was a a Hospital and she actually checked me through Emergency Room and had the IV administered there. Our systems are a bit different. I can go into a hospital anytime I want and my insurance will cover that.

  2. Hope you got over your illness fast! Looks like a good start to the vacation - but busy!

  3. Glad you recovered enough to eventually enjoy yourself so much, but what a pain that you travelled when you weren't 100%. Thanks for sharing your photos thus far, really looking forward to seeing more! xx