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I am a 40-something 50 year old woman on a collision course with 50 in 2017, living in Istanbul, Turkey.

I have never been married and I have no kids.
I got obsessed with the Personal Finance World after finding several dozen great Personal Finance Blogs and started a blog in Turkish back in 2007 but, apparently my country folk is not so much interested in being debt free or making smart choices when it comes to finances, so, I took that blog off-line.

I have a rather small family. Mom and sis, brother-in-law, uncle, two cousins and their mom (aunt), brother-in-law's parents. That is all. As for extended family there is not much to extend. Few cousins of mom and dad.

My dad passed away back in 1994 but, I still miss him dearly. I have been blessed with the best parents in the whole wild world. I love my mom and sis from here to the moon and back. They are the most precious people in my life.

I use a pen name T'Pol. I am a bit of a trekkie but the real reason why I picked that name was both simple and stupid: As I was trying to figure out a pen name, Star Trek was on TV. So much for my creativity.

I live alone in Istanbul and I have a wonderful circle of friends here.

I own the 2 bedroom apartment I live in free and clear. I own another property in Ankara which I rent out. I bought another apartment from a family member just to keep the place in the family and am paying mortgage on a house again just to keep it in the family. The apartment will be paid off in 2025, and the house in 2019. Once we own the house free and clear, I think pull down the old house and put a pre-fabricated house on the land. But who knows?

In my previous career, I have traveled quiet a bit and I especially like visiting the US every once in a while since I have lived there for 3,5 years.

Needless to say, I am a very independent person. I hope I can stay that way. I guess I must concentrate on my health more to be able to do that.


  1. merhaba!
    http://begenmezsenokuma.blogspot.com/ blogunuzu nasıl okuyabilirim? blogu okumaya davet edilmemiş gözüküyorsunuz yazıyor sitede. yardımcı olursanız çok sevinirim.

    1. Bir süredir sizin gibi blogdaki eski yazıları okumak isteyenler oluyordu. Blogu tekrar aktif hale getirdim. Artık erişebilirsiniz. İlginiz için teşekkürler:)

  2. Hi, very interesting post thanks for sharing. Can I contact your through your email. Thanks!

    randydavis387 at gmail.com

    1. You can contact me at tpolthetrekkie at yahoo.com