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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall: My Favorite Season

My favorite season has always been the Fall. Some people find it depressing but I love to go leave watching, sip hot cocoa while there is a thunderstorm outside and bake apple pies (an acquired habit while living in the US). For me the first sign of the Fall is when I wake up early in the morning feeling chilly and needing a warmer cover in the bed.

Nowadays I am trying to consume the contents of my freezer to make room for tomatoes, sauces and veggies for the winter. I am not going to overdo it like two years ago. I had frozen so many packages of string beans that by April there were still some left and I could not enjoy the fall and winter veggies at all.

The effort of trying to empty the freezer had me eating curious combinations of food. Chili with zucchini anyone? It actually tasted very good. There is a large open market close to where I live on Saturdays. So, this Saturday, I will go and get tomatoes, grape leaves, green peppers, string beans and red beans. I stuff the grape leaves and cook them before I freeze them in portion sized aluminum containers. I heat them up in a small toaster oven and have them with plain yogurt. Yum!

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