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Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Generations and a Sewing Machine

Today I took out my grandmother's sewing machine for the first time since my mom gave it to me. I had bought a brand new sewing machine when I had decided to sew my own kitchen curtains back when I bought my apartment. That one now belongs to mom who in turn gave me this old Singer which is at least a good 70 year old machine.

I have many wonderful memories of this machine and grandma in her big kitchen or rather the center of universe at her house. I have learnt to cook, sew and knit a little right there under the supervision of my beloved grandma. She used to sew me and my dolls cute outfits and pajamas. She was a very frugal lady and always recycled and re-purposed everything. During her time "going green" or "conservation of nature" were not popular topics but she probably was the "greenest" person I have ever known.

This old Singer has already served my grandma and my mom faithfully. Now, it's my turn. I guess this is a great opportunity to learn more about sewing. Besides, it is a frugal choice to keep a machine which still works regardless of how old it is. I do not have a daughter to pass the machine on but may be it will not outlast me, ha?


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