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Friday, December 21, 2012

Debt gives me an itch...

Ever since I got rid of Debt 1, I find myself crunching numbers to see if I can pay the rest. Well, that will mean dipping into my EF and I shouldn't do it. An EF is for emergencies only and paying a debt less than 9,000 USD in 18 months is a wiser thing to do while building a stronger EF and investing in my BES.

I must keep reminding myself that my contributions to the BES are much more valuable than reducing that small debt. After all my contributions will be matched by 25% by the Government, come 2013. This is something they are doing to lure people into setting up and funding personal retirement funds which I have been doing since 2004 a little after the system became available. I know it will be for a limited time once enough people start understanding that social security will not be sufficient and start contributing. I am sure the amount the Government is matching starting in 2013 will be reduced. Until then, I should take full advantage of this and it means maxing out my contributions.

So, stop itching!

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