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Friday, December 14, 2012

Need to go to Ankara

I was planning to go to Ankara to spend the New Year's with my family, but I need to go earlier than I originally planned. My sister's FIL had a back surgery on Wednesday and it will take some time for him to recuperate. Her MIL will likely go into a physical theraphy center this week for at least three weeks. Both my sis and BIL are emotionally and physically drained running between home, work and hospitals and doctors' offices. BIL is an only child so he lacks the support of siblings and his only pillar is my sis.

I think I will hit the road on Monday. I am planning to stay until the 4th-5th of January and take mom with me coming back home. This way, she will get to spend some time in Istanbul which she loves and my sister will not have to think about her while her in laws are healing. Actually, mom is pretty good on her own but still, at least every weekend sis tries to spend time with her especially now that I am back in Istanbul.

If I can run a few errands for them while I'm in Ankara, I know it will be appreciated. I need to consume what's in my fridge until Monday. I am going to be out on Friday night but, there's still plenty of time to clean out the fridge. I hate it when food goes to waste.


  1. Well, good luck with everything T'Pol! I'm sure your sister will be very grateful for your help. I hope your sister's FIL heals well and without issue and that your sister and BIL can get a little bit of rest soon. Safe travels!

  2. How lovely that your family all pulls together.

    Your sister is very lucky to have you.

    I hope your sister's FIL gets better soon.

    Sft x

  3. Thank you for your kind words:) I will post an update as to how the family is doing.