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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Non-touristic Attractions of Istanbul: Eminonu Part 1

Tomorrow I will head to Eminonu to complete my gift list. Eminonu is right by the Spice Bazaar and very close to the Grand Bazaar. The prices are much better than the Grand Bazaar for similar items. I do not say that Eminonu offers the same variety that the Grand Bazaar offers but, it still is a vast shopping area.

It is crowded and it appeals to lower income level shoppers the most. Some days you find nothing that you need or want, some days you can score real well. Each time I go there (may be twice a year), it is an adventure. I am determined to take pictures and post them along with my finds tomorrow. I will be on the lookout for pashminas and/or scarves, sweat pants, pajamas or nightgowns and a brass mortar and pestle if I can find one.

Today it was rather chilly so I could not sit at the outside benches of the ferry. Tomorrow I will bundle up and sit outside and take pictures. A ferry ride across the Bosphorus with a cup of tea is priceless.

I walked 6,000 steps today. I have a step counter app in my cell phone. Tomorrow, I will do just as much if not better.

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