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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I loaned money to a friend...

I know it may not be a wise move to loan money to friends but this friend of mine is no such person. I trust her with my life so, that is how trustworthy she is. When I was buying my apartment she insisted to help me out since she did not want me to get a big loan from the bank. I told her exactly how long it would take me to pay it back and she had agreed to it.

Luckily, that year I had a nice bonus and I paid her back earlier than I had promised her.

She recently bought her own place and I immediately offered her money in case she needed it. Initially she had declined but after finding out quite a number of things that had to be redone, she told me she might need the money after all.

I am happy that I could reciprocate.


  1. that's what good friends are for.......and you are obviously a good friend.

  2. True friends don't burn each other. Good for you for helping her out.