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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Theme for 2014

After spending so much money this year the Theme for 2014 is obviously "SAVING" for me.

I was hoping to visit the US for a couple of weeks in 2014 but, before I reach a certain amount of savings, I will not permit myself to do that:)

The part-time work world is very fluctuating and although I thought I had been doing rather well, I just realised that, I could have done much much better. So, starting on October 1st, I am tightening the belt and re-start tracking my spending.

Home renovation is addictive. Now, I can think of 10 things to replace or renovate which I really shouldn't. Here is what is allowed between now and the New Year's:

A new trash can for the new bathroom (want but cheap) 30 TL
New Curtain Rods (need) 200 TL
New Curtains (want)
New Curtains for the kitchen (need) 80 TL
New water glasses I fell in love with at IKEA (want) (They are cheap, I'm getting them!) 40 TL DONE!
New Light fixtures for the bedrooms (one is a need, the other a want) 150 TL DONE! 90 TL ACTUAL
Miscellaneous 200 TL

The budget: 700 TL

That is all that I am allowing myself to spend till the end of this year. Hopefully by then, the renovation fairy will leave.


  1. I did not realize that you had Ikea in Turkey. Something new I have learned today.

    We have so many renovations to do still its crazy.


    1. Hi Gill, once you start renovations it is difficult to stop:)

      Yes we have IKEA in Turkey, 2 in Istanbul in fact. One is only 10 minutes from where I live.