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Friday, January 17, 2014

Drying Racks and Lines

I have never owned a dryer, nor did mom. They became available late 90s in this country and they were expensive. Many people did not have enough space at their homes. Stackable models came out but they were really expensive so dryers never became popular as they are in the US. Although I have the funds to afford one now, I do not have the space.

While I lived in the US early 90s, I thought they were the best thing ever. I basically owned two sets of sheets and only a few towels for the three years I lived there. Now I own way too many of those but for different reasons:) I admit, I have a thing for sheets and towels.

When we were kids, since mom was working, she would often do the laundry during the weekend. There would be loads of laundry that would need to dry. In the summer time she used lines in our big balconies but, during the winter everything needed to be hung indoors. Mom is a creative woman so, all over the apartment there would be lines/ropes which I could not even imagine where they were tied to. She would yell at us to stay away from the fresh laundry which was pretty much impossible.

Drying racks became popular early 90s and they were affordable and foldable so, space was not an issue. I have always owned a drying rack. I do laundry any day during the week so, my rack is sufficient. However, couple of weeks ago I ignored the laundry a bit and I was busy so, mom decided to help with it. I don't know where she found the rope but, I realized that she put it up all over the small apartment that I have. It was as if I was 10 again. She kept yelling at me to stay away from the fresh laundry:) Good times...

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  1. I use three wooden dryers and have lines up in the basement also. The only thing I use the dryer for really is towels and only because everyone in my house hates hard towels. I can't wait for it to be spring/summer again so that I can hang the clothes out on the lines. The dryer is just to darn expensive