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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Signs of Aging

This past 6 months my period has been out of whack and I had been put on a medication for a while. Also, I have been nearsighted for the last 39 years but, this year I also started having trouble reading with my prescription glasses.

My energy level is still OK which I attribute to my healthy eating habits and diet but I have some small aches and pains for no good reason from time to time.

Also, I think time is passing faster than ever.

I think all of the above are signs of aging. After all, I shall be 47 going on 48 in June.

I like my life as it is. I have a real small family but, a great circle of friends. I live in a great city, have a nice place to live, enough money to be content with. Sometimes aging freaks me out but, in general I think I am happy. This is a good thing, right?


  1. I will be 46 in April and time if flying by faster than I like. It seems my prescription gets stronger every year for my glasses and the aches and pains creep up now and again. But besides that life is good and I thank God for good family and friends. But this getting older stuff is for the birds

    1. Every time I get the blues for aging, I pinch myself to thank God that I am alive and healthy...

  2. I am 50 in March and yes the time passes faster the older you get. I too need my reading glasses all the time, so know how you feel! Welcome to the club.