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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Frugal eating and sticking to a meal plan

It is official that I will be home till Monday. That is when I will go back to Ankara. I am not going to be working at all next week but mom will go through a cataract surgery on Tuesday and she will need help for the first few days. Her other eye will be scheduled for the week after next.

When I am home alone, I tend to order food and that is neither a healthy nor a frugal choice. I need some discipline.

So, here is an opportunity for me to save money till Monday. I have been ignoring my meal plan and it is also a good opportunity to get back on track with my diet too. I have checked my pantry and my freezer and here is what I plan to eat:

Tonight: Kısır (a form of tabouli) and tea
Breakfast: Egg and cheese on whole wheat bread, tomatoes and tea
Late Lunch early Dinner: Out with friends
Breakfast: oatmeal and tea
Lunch: Yogurt, steamed brussel sprouts, whole wheat bread
Dinner: Chick peas and salad
Breakfast:oatmeal and tea
Lunch: Chick peas and salad
Dinner: Spinach and yogurt w/ whole wheat bread
Breakfast: Egg and cheese omelette
Lunch: Stuffed bell peppers and tomatoes from the freezer, salad
Dinner: Spinach and yogurt w/ whole wheat bread
Breakfast: oatmeal and tea
Lunch: Pasta
Dinner: Stuffed bell peppers and tomatoes from the freezer, salad

I need to purchase salad material and some fruit for snacks. I already have a banana and three oranges so, I will probably get a few apples to get me going till Monday.

I will use up all the oatmeal in the pantry. I think a budget of 150TL should be sufficient. 110 for tomorrow and 40 for the salad material and fruit.

These days there are some things I "want" to buy which are totally unnecessary so, I will try to be good.


  1. doesn't look bad other than the Brussels Sprouts, can't stand them!!!! Had a friend who had cataract surgery she is coming up 86. Other than someone putting drops in her eyes she managed very well. They are not to lift anything heavy though for a couple of weeks. Tell your mam I wish her good luck.

    1. Thanks Gill. I'll tel her. I am hoping everything will be fine with her cataract procedures.
      As for brussel sprouts, I steam them only for 5 minutes or so then sautee or bake them with olive oil and garlic.