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Sunday, March 9, 2014

3 Work Days coming up

The customer in Ankara decided to have a two-week break so, I was not working lately but, I spent all that time in Ankara due to my mom's cataract procedures.

I shall be working on Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday and then I will go back to Istanbul probably until the 16th. I shall go and participate in a training session because I have volunteered to work as an observer during the next local elections.

On Friday, we shall be getting together for our monthly dinner night with friends.

I am really looking forward to going home and I am also hoping to put in 6 additional days of work after this coming week. That would help my budget tremendously. I need to be able to put more money in my savings account but, it looks like it will be rather difficult before August due to many expenses coming up. Meanwhile, I am doing my best to stick to my budget.

I was not feeling well yesterday and today so, I did not go out and thus; saved money!

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