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Monday, March 3, 2014

Our favorite hospital is going to be gone soon:(

There is a hospital pretty close to where mom lives and she loves her cardiologist and eye doctor there. She had her knee replacements and her first cataracts procedure there. Today we went in for her other eye to be examined before the cataracts procedure and her doctor broke the news then. The hospital was owned by a foundation and they decided to hand the hospital over to the Ministry of Health. (Yes we still have government owned institutions like that). She wasn't sure whether she would stay or would have to leave.

She gave my mom the option to wait until she gets a new post elsewhere or have her surgery on Thursday. She said the surgery would be OK but she was not sure about the control appointments afterwards. Mom likes and trusts her so she decided to go for the procedure.

If worse comes to worst, she will have her controls elsewhere.

We really liked the place and we are pretty sure it will not be the same when it is run by the Ministry of Health. So, this was a bit of a sad day for us.

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  1. that's one thing I can say about Canada we do have good health care and not very long waits. Hope it all works out for your mam.