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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Was I a mobster in a past life?

Although I do not believe in reincarnation, sometimes I suspect that I might have been related to an American crime family in a past life. I like movies, books, biographies, documentaries about the American Mafia. I do not why but I am so drawn to these stories.

I am a law abiding citizen and I am afraid to sin so, I just cannot put my finger on the reason why I love anything and everything related with mobsters. As I am typing this I am watching a documentary about the Franzese family.

I have watched the "Godfather Trilogy" and Donnie Brasco countless times, read many books about the famous five families (Bonanno,Luchesse, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese), and watched many other movies as I came across them.

Interesting huh?

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