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Friday, May 23, 2014


I had been traveling a lot lately so the amount of time I spent at home was minimal. I am now back home with mom and I realized that I was out of many staples around the kitchen so I had to hit the grocery store twice in three days. I got whole wheat flour, crackers, meat, fish, olive oil, onions, fresh green beans, eggplants, salad greens, coffee, bread, cheese, fresh apricots, milk, eggs and yogurt

We cooked some stuffed peppers and tomatoes and froze them in portion sizes. Also, three meals worth of meatballs went into the freezer. We eat one dish per meal due to our diet plan. One meal is always a veggie with plain yogurt and a slice of whole wheat bread. The other is a big salad, some type of meat with a slice of whole wheat bread.

Now that we have enough meat dishes in the fridge, we only cook fresh veggies usually just once or twice a week. Sometimes we cook beans instead of consuming meat. Today I am going to start a home-made whole wheat bread and tomorrow I will make yogurt. I normally do not bake bread much. I make my own yogurt whenever I have a good starter and whenever I have time.

We are feeding ourselves rather simply and in a healthy manner so I am very glad. I use only olive oil in my cooking.

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