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Monday, May 26, 2014

To all the bloggers I've loved before...

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was sorry to see some of my favorite bloggers gone over the years. I wish them all the best. Here are some of them whom I used to follow religiously:

Boston Gal's Open Wallet: Jane Dough was my favorite blogger at one time. I read how she had invested in solar panels, bought a new car, how she was a landlady. She was (and I am sure still is) a very sensible person. I enjoyed reading her very much. I am so sorry that she is now gone. I wish I could hear about how she did after she quit blogging.

That's udy with a J: She recently quit blogging all of a sudden. I was actually happy that I had found her after she had to change her blog for some reason I do not know. I am so sorry that I couldn't even say goodbye to her. I admired her strong will and the wonderful kids she has raised. I loved the way she was attached to her family and her determination in eliminating debt.

Wealth is Good: The owner was a smart young lady who did not have any money issues but rather blessed with wealth. Still she was careful with her investments and how she handled money.  She openly shared how she handled her income and windfalls. It was a pleasure to read her. She got into a serious relationship and apparently her significant other did not want to so openly share finances. So, she quit blogging.

My Open Wallet: Madame X is a New Yorker. She still posts some updates but very few and far between. I miss her very much but I think she has a happy and busier life now so, I am happy for her.

Moneyapolis: This was a blog where the owner moved to a new city and started a new life with her spouse. I miss her blog too.

Northern Living Allowance: This blog is still active but after the owner moved to England, she posted only a few times. I am really curious about her new life and wish her the best. I was intrigued about her life in North America as well. It felt like we were long time acquaintances.

Blogging Away Debt: This blog is active with new bloggers but I am so curious about the old bloggers and how they are doing, especially Tricia and Beks.

There are many more that I miss and wish all of them well.

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  1. I miss Boston Gal, too. Hers was the first PF blog I ever stumbled across!