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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wanna go back home...

We made it to mom's cousin on Sunday in about 9 hours! I jumped in water right away and relaxed a little bit.

Yesterday was a good day, I swam and pretty much did nothing and mom and her cousin played backgammon all day:) but, both mom and I are not very comfortable. Her cousin is super nice and she doesn't let me help with anything.  I feel like we are causing her extra work and her not letting me help is making me uncomfortable. Mom's discomfort is due to the fact that her cousin's summer home is very very cluttered. Normally, mom considers my home cluttered but there is no comparison. Well, mom is a neat-freak and she just cannot stand clutter. She cannot help herself.

Besides, there is a neighbourhood notion that we do not really understand or appreciate. Last night a neighbour called at 11:00 p.m.(!) and came to visit with her son. Mom and I were ready to go to bed so we just said hello and went to our room. Well it turned out that they came to say "welcome" to us! It is both a bit embarrassing and frustrating. I think mom and I have been city folks for so long that we do not understand the dynamics of small places. In Istanbul, I do not know any of my neighbours and I am fine with that. I certainly do not need people knocking at my door and conveniently inviting themselves at my bed time.

So, I asked mom if she wants to stay longer because I intend to go back home even if I have to work next week. Now that I can fly, it is easy. She said "no" so, I am going to make up an excuse to leave on Saturday. Before we leave, I will take her cousin out to dinner as a "thank you" and to shopping so that she can replenish her pantry. She does not have a car and it is difficult for her to go shopping without the help of someone.

I really want to go back home and be done with the summer vacation thing. I may go some place in the south in October for a few days.

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