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Sunday, July 13, 2014

We like it clean...

We are back from our little trip to mom's cousin and I think half the way back we talked about how dirty and cluttered the house was. Mom is a neat-freak but it was even too much for me. I do not mind clutter as much but I cannot stand filth. The windows, the balcony, the kitchen sink, the bathroom, you name it, they have not seen a good scrubbing for very very long.

Her cousin was keeping her clothes on an armchair in the living room and when mom asked her if she did not have room behind the bedroom door or in any one of the closets, she shrugged and uttered something about being it easy that way.

I made up an excuse to make dinner so that I could scrub the kitchen sink and the stove. I even did not want to take a shower there. The shower stall was filled with dead bugs and spider webs.

This lady is a hoarder and a cheapskate. I am using the word cheapskate and not frugal because, I am telling you. I know what frugal is, thank you very much.

However, I am so glad we did this because, if we hadn't, mom would keep on saying that how she always invited us and how I did not take her there in ages. Now, I know she will never want it again. This cousin also has an apartment in Istanbul and she invites mom to that place too. To this day, I never let mom go and stay overnight there because I know those apartments are old and they are said to be not sturdy enough to stand an earthquake which is due any time in Istanbul. I know this is stupid but, hey I have only one mom! I do not think she will ever want to go and stay there now. So, I am fine with this.

Anyhow, we are back home and I am doing load after load of laundry. We shopped at the Farmer's market as we were leaving Didim so, today mom and I also cooked for the week. The last dish is in the pressure cooker. Once it is done, I will clean the kitchen! :)


  1. there is a big difference between frugal and lazy. I can stand many things but hoarding and filth just push me over the edge. I find I am getting rid of more and more stuff as the kids move on I mean how many bureaus do you need or towels or sheets or anything like that. Food and water to last two months or so is good But how long does it take to clean a bathroom? I totally understand because my cousin is the same way yet she gets so mad because we won't bring my niece and nephews over but when you open a door and roaches and mice run out I am gone!


  2. Judy! So nice to hear from you... I couldn't say goodbye when you stopped blogging. Hope all is well with you and your family.