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Friday, August 15, 2014


I had an appointment for a filling replacement today. It turned out to be two filling replacements and took the poor young dentist an hour and ten minutes. It was very tiring for me too because I had to keep my mouth open for so long.
The young lady dentist was very nice when I told her that I was very scared of root canals and that I suspected one of the teeth she was going to work on would end up a root canal. She assured me that technology and procedures are evolving and even if I needed a root canal she promised me absolutely no pain.

She also kindly suggested that I should get the implant I had been avoiding for years and recommended a surgeon at the same university hospital.

I have one more cavity that she needs to take care of so, I got an appointment for that and while I felt courageous enough I made an appointment with the surgeon. Yay me!

I paid USD 150.- for two fillings which were pretty big. One of them was like three fillings in one tooth. Their prices are very reasonable and I like the fact that this is a university hospital.


  1. That is less than one filling would cost me. I don't have a dentist with a good chair-side manner. He is kind and not mean, just sort of cold even in his kindness, lip service, I suppose. I wish I lived closer to a university office. A filling is three trips to a hospital 50 miles away. So, that would be 300 miles to save money. No thanks.

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