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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Tomorrow is a big day. You know that I am a part-time consultant. The company I work with is about to land a really big project. I will have to work full-time for a few months which is actually great for me. However, there will be one last meeting before they make their final decision. So, a co-worker and I will be going to this meeting tomorrow. I am very nervous about this. I really really want this project. Yes, it will require me to work full-time for a while but that means more income which I really need.

I am a big saver but sometimes certain family situations require me to step up and kiss some of my savings goodbye. That is what has happened recently. I do not feel regret or resentment because my family is really tiny and what I did made my mom happy. She is especially worried about this person I have helped and she felt relieved when I intervened. I love my mom and I wish her a long and healthy life. I do not want her to worry about anything.

A big project like this will help me save at a very good rate and I really would like to grow my stash for rainy days.

I am praying for this project. It can make a real difference in my financial life.


  1. That's exciting. Best of luck! Let us know how the meeting goes. Hopefully goes very well.