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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Red Eye!

No, I am not talking about a flight here. I woke up this morning with great discomfort in my right eye. It was stinging like hell and dripping constantly. Every once in a while this happens to me especially if I stay in the wind for too long, or rub my eye or just sit close to the portable fan I use these days. This time I think it was the fan. Although it oscillates, I guess my eye doesn't like the direct wind exposure.

Thankfully I keep the drops handy. I always have an unopened package of the drops the doctor told me to use when this happens. Now I feel much better but not 100%. It will take a couple of days before my eye is completely healed. I also treat my eye with tea. This helps tremendously.

I basically stayed in bed all morning and tried to relax because my eye was feeling better when closed. Now I am up checking my e-mail, some blogs and I will need to work for about an hour on drafting something for a customer.


  1. That would scare me greatly. I use contacts, so something like that would really freak me out. Got an eye patch? I hear those work wonders. Not to mention how cool they look, haha.

    1. Never thought of an eye patch. Sounds like a cool idea... Thanks! Did you know that I have been wearing glasses for the last 40 years and never had the guts to try wearing contacts? I can travel the world alone but can't wear contacts. I am chicken in a strange way:)