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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Small lie...... but why?

A friend of mine has a hobby of designing jewelry. She is using nice semi-precious stones and mostly silver accessories. She gifted me really nice necklace a while ago. That was a nice gesture and I am thankful for my necklace.

A few weeks after she gifted me the necklace, she was visiting me with her 8 year old daughter. My friend stepped outside to take a phone call and I was preparing tea and cake while her daughter was with me in the kitchen. I pointed to my necklace and asked her if she remembered the necklace her mom made for me just for small talk. She immediately said: "She didn't make it. She bought it." I was surprised but didn't say anything or ask further questions. I just let the thing go.

I am still wondering why she told me she made it. I would be equally happy and thankful if she had told me she saw the necklace and decided to get it for me.

I mean we all tell white lies; even if I am not feeling well, I usually tell mom I'm OK, sometimes I do not want to socialize so, when someone calls me to have a night out, I may say that I am not feeling well to go out just to avoid insistence and such...

However is this lie similar to those white lies? Or is it kind of different?

It is not something that would come between me and my friend since she is a really nice and thoughtful person but I am just wondering, why?


  1. Are you sure that the daughter is correct that her mom bought the necklace? My son insists that my husband made my living room curtains because he saw him hang them up. My mom made the curtains and it has become a family joke. Also, my teenage daughter insists that I hired a decorator when she was younger. I have no idea where she got that because I have never paid for a decorator. Sometimes kids just get things wrong.


    1. Her response was so natural that I did not suspect the kid. My friend has some strange ways so I guess I accepted her daughter's response correct over her mom's action. You may be right but, I don't know... Not sure...