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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Store Credit

Last year as I was having my bathroom renovated, I had returned something and the home improvement store had issued me a store credit which needed to be used latest by September 9th this year.

Since I really did not need anything from that store, I just held on to the store credit and forgot all about it until yesterday. Good thing that I decided to clean up and change my wallet. Knowing myself, I decided to use the store credit since there is a good chance that I could miss the deadline.

I needed a bucket to save water before I take a shower. It takes a while for the water to get warm and I hate waste especially that the Istanbul water resources are extremely depleted this year. I also needed a set of soft hangers. Since I did not NEED anything else specifically, I decided to walk around the store to find things that I would use anyway.

So, here is the tally of what I bought for approximately USD 55.-

A set of 5 soft hangers
100 pack of exam gloves (I use these in the kitchen chopping onions and garlic)
1 new immersion blender on sale (mine is very old and no longer doing a good job)
1 bucket
3 pack light bulbs
1 vegetable knife

Not bad I think.


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with those kinds of credits... I'd rather have the cash and hate being tied to a credit, but actually enjoy looking around for things I do not NEED, but would be nice to get. I don't get that chance very often. I think that counting the blender, you did pretty good! Was all paid with the credit?

    1. Yep! All was paid with the credit. I am with you on getting back my money back rather than the store credit.