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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sick, busy and bored...

I have lost my motivation to post. I have been sick for a while and could not figure out whether it was a bad cold or my allergies. Went to the doctor the day before yesterday and it turned out that, I needed new allergy pills, a nasal spray, a box of antibiotics and some cough medicine. The doc told me everything got mixed up and I should have been having really bad headaches. I told him, absolutely no headaches and he was surprised!

The current job is going so so, with our contribution very minimal at this point. I will be glad if the customer keeps us until the end of the year just because of the money not because of job satisfaction.

After this project, I think, I may write a satirical novel on how not to run a project... I tend to think this actually a good idea.

The opening statement could be: "If you decide to run a project with a foreign company, make sure you appoint a Project Manager with real bad language skills and a huge ego. This should be your priority".

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