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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Car Wash

So, how often one gets her/his car washed? This morning I dropped my car at the car wash right by where I work. I will take it back at noon.

It is always such a joy to get the car cleaned inside and out and enjoy the ride. However, that lasts about two days in this city where so much construction is going on. Very dusty!

Istanbul is a giant construction site. Everywhere you go, you see high-rise buildings popping up. It is almost impossible to keep the car nice and clean for very long. Plus, it rained almost every week this year since the summer decided to postpone her appearance this year.

I get my car washed every three weeks or so but, I always feel like at least the outside should be washed more frequently. It is not a lot of money. I can get my car hand washed inside and out for less than USD 10 including the tip.

The area where I live is going to be the Financial Center of the city and HQs of several banks along with the Central Bank of Turkey which will be moving from Ankara to Istanbul. Why? Just because the President wants it so. There is no logic in this whole matter but, if I get started about the President, I may get myself in serious trouble. So, let's leave that subject alone.

Istanbul is already overcrowded and congested. There is absolutely no point in moving more people into it. Although, I love this city, I may have to move out some time in the future. The good thing is my small two-bedroom apartment is constantly appreciating in value and whenever I decide to move out (if I ever do), it will buy me a much bigger and nicer place somewhere else.

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