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Friday, July 3, 2015

Need to purge...

Before my visit to the US, I need to purge my wardrobe. I am tall by my country standarts at 5'9" and I am also overweight so, it is a hassle to find good fitting clothes. Some stuff I have are past their life some time ago but, I held on to them.

Now that I am going some place where I can shop, I need to get my act together to get rid of what needs to go. 3 TLs to 1 US Dollar will not make it easy to shop this year but, I will not splurge. I will get what I need and what I will wear. I am out of even simple daily wear. No athletic shoes are required because they are practically coming out of my ears.

What I have to purge is not limited to clothes really. I am sure there are many unused items, books, old receipts and paperwork and etc. I am just soooo lazy to go through the house. If I were moving, I would have been obliged but now that I have postponed the idea, there is no motivator.

I just got myself a new tablet PC which I had been eyeing for a long time. The price finally dropped and I grabbed one just in time because there are talks about raising taxes on electronics. This is my belated birthday gift to myself. I think, it will be a great help during my vacation and I do not need to drag my heavy work laptop home everyday. I have a very old laptop at home but, it is past its economical life and is getting extremely hot. It is also very slllllloooooowwww...

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