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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jewelry to be worn, not to be left in a safe!

Last weekend, my sister and BIL came to visit me. They had bought me a gold bracelet which did not fit me properly. My sister took it back to get it fixed.

We started talking about the nice and real jewelry we have which are always kept in safes and almost never worn. I am unmarried and do not have kids. She is married with no kids. We laughed at ourselves for not wearing our good jewelry for fear of losing them. Yes, me may lose them but so what? What are they waiting for in safes if they are not going to be worn?

I do not have a whole lot of expensive jewelry. Today, I am wearing my ring with sapphires and diamonds. I keep looking at my hand and admiring my ring. Here is a picture but it doesn't do the ring justice since it is really sparkly. My hands used to be nicer but now, they are showing my age.


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