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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cannot believe how fast!

I have no idea why time passes by so fast as I age. Weeks go by without me even noticing and the end of 2016 is right here.

In June 2017, I will be 50. Say what?

As a child, I was hoping that the world would have been a much more modern place with the effects of religion minimized, peace and technology prevailing in the world. I used to believe, human kind would be building star ships and exploring the universe. (Yeah! I am a Trekkie!).

Alas! I could not be more wrong. The world has not become what I expected.

Very bummed about wars, terrorism, hunger, abuse of natural resources...

I think humans are like viruses and cannot help but think, we should be wiped out of earth so that the earth can be a hospitable place for other species.


  1. I hear you! I'm going to be 50 in April next year - how did that happen?! Christmas break is going to be a time of a bit of reflection and making of lists of creativity, experiences, projects, plans and things I want to do next year. This year was pretty good, but next year is going to be GREAT (despite the way the world is seeming to turn)! Maybe we should hang out in Istanbul for a long weekend... x

    1. We are the same age! Wow! That is cool. If you are planning to visit Istanbul, I would love to meet you in person and show you around. That would be really great.

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