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Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Lazy Weekend

I had breakfast with two former colleagues and good friends on Saturday. One lives in Istanbul, the other was visiting. It was nice to catch up with each other.

After breakfast, the visiting friend and I went shopping. Her son is a busy young man and is also working on his Master's Degree so, having no time for shopping, he had asked his mom to get him a couple of shirts for work. I helped my friend pick the shirts. When it comes to men's fashion, I am pretty good.

I did some shopping too and after we were done, I dropped my friend at the Metro station and headed home. The rest of the weekend, I did absolutely nothing other than preparing myself food, coffee and tea. I rested and took it extremely easy.

I should have taken care of some much needed tasks but just did not feel like doing them.

I guess the best part of living alone is that, one has absolutely no obligations around the home. It is my life, my schedule, my budget... I am thankful that I have the skills, means and health to be able to make my own life. I hope never to be dependent on others even in old age. Amen!

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