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Monday, January 9, 2017

Snowed In!

This year all the snow that usually goes to North America must have come to Turkey instead. I have not seen anything like this since 1996 when I was back in the US. It started snowing on Friday at 4.p.m and still going strong. There may have been only a few hours that it had stopped. It is quiet a blizzard right now.

We could not go to work today and most likely we will keep home tomorrow too. Thankfully, everyone can work from home in what we do so, we are not behind on our customer obligations.

I went out briefly to get some groceries. It was such a chore! There is 40-50 inches of snow out there. Thankfully, I am back at home. They say it is going to get worse in a few hours. ,

May God protect the poor and homeless and all the animals out.


  1. Holy cow!! Seriously? I remember the snow of 1996 (I was in British Columbia at the time) - we had a HUGE amount of snow, at least 3-4ft in places. Essentially shut the city down! We're forecast blizzards here, too, although whether they'll actually appear is another story. Likely the north will be worse hit, but I for one would actually welcome some snow for a change. Stay inside and warm!

    1. Yeah! I had gone to Killington, VT for skiing all by myself when the Blizzard of 96 hit. Normally it was supposed to be a 4 hour drive each way. Well, it took 4 hours to get there all right but, 11 hours to get back! Never saw the asphalt once all the way from VT to NY. Such an adventure!