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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cleaning Day - 2

Well the walls could not be scraped. The traffic was horrid and by the time I got home, I felt doing absolutely nothing.

Bathroom cabinets are 1/3 done. Tomorrow is another day.

All the curtains are down. Some of them are in the wash and some are already back up again! Unlike  my mom, I do not iron my curtains. They do not get wrinkled so bad and as soon as they are out of the washing machine, I hang them so, I can get away with not ironing.

The electronical items are all in a big IKEA bag ready to be taken to work.

I thought some curtains needed to be replaced but I am surprised to see that older curtains are still looking better than some of the new ones. Anyway, I have decided to postpone the curtain business till next year. Money saved!

Actually, there is a curtain outlet and what I buy are generally very inexpensive so, we are not talking big bucks here. Once I had renewed the entire living room curtains at just USD 85 including sewing. My curtains hang from the ceiling to the floor so, we are talking about a lot of fabric. Many people praised me on how beautiful my curtains looked and could not believe how cheap they were. I tell them where the outlet is and all they have to know is the measurements before they go, select the fabrics and order them. Almost always, they end up not going and spending a lot more money for mediocre looking curtains. What can I say? They must be growing money on trees.

I could not get a hold of the guy to put a new curtain rod in the kitchen. May be he quit? I do not know. Well, no rush.

I think, I still want to go that art exhibit opening. There are a couple of curtains I want the cleaning lady to hang back up and then, I can take a shower and get ready. Depending on the traffic, I may leave the car on this side and cross the Bosphorus on a ferry and then take a cab to the Art Gallery.


  1. Things don't go as planned, but you had a good plan. I don't iron lace curtains, but hang them on the line outdoors to dry. The others don't need ironing after putting them in the dryer. I have made all my curtains. At least you will get to the art gallery. Crossing the Bosphorus. I don't think I ever heard a friend do that.

    1. In this city, half the population cross continents every day. The traffic was not so bad so, I went over the first bridge. There are three bridges, car ferries, regular ferries, motor boats, a railway tunnel and a car tunnel to cross the Bosphorus. You would think that is plenty of options but, this city is way too crowded. 14.8 million people is too much.