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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Doctor visits

I came to Ankara for business and while I am here, I wanted to take mom and myself to our routine heart and eye exams. Mom passed with flying colors. me? Not so much. My heart is OK but my TSH level is 11! Also the eye doctor told me my eye pressure was higher than usual and she wanted to follow that because, that can lead to glaucoma. So, I must be back in a month.

I made an appointment with an endocrinologist for the TSH and he wanted some tests suspecting Cushing's Syndrome. So, the tests will be done tomorrow.

No wonder I was not able to lose any weight lately. Also, this is a likely explanation for my insomnia too.

I am hoping that, I do not have anything bad. Until all the tests are done and the doctor tells me what is wrong with me, I will be worried...


  1. This does not sound good, but hopefully, whatever are the results, you can reach a point you can lose weight. It's hard hearing results that are less than perfect, but I have a sigh of relief that I now know what to do. I have had some hard news about things I eat that I am allergic to, but after a little initial mourning the loss of foods, I can get to the business of finding what works with my palate and still helps my health.

    Of course, I am sure you have processed these feelings! And, answers are empowering.

    Good luck with all this. I know you are glad to hear your mother is in good health.

  2. So glad you went and had it checked out. Hopefully it is nothing serious and you can start sleeping better.

  3. Oh no! Glad you went for a check-up though - now you have a plan. I'm sure you'll be fine and they will get you on the right track. Try not to worry (I know, easier said than done). Just take it answer by answer. Take care xx