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Friday, April 7, 2017

My To Do List for the weekend

Today, I am going to leave work a bit early so, I am hoping to reach home by 6 o'clock.

Here is what I would like to do today:

- Take down some of the curtains
- Scrape the wall parts that have been damaged by water during the winter and throw out the scrapings (I will have to call a contractor later on to see how this can be permanently fixed)
- Arrange the contractor to put up my kitchen curtains to come and do the job tomorrow. My walls are concrete and I need a power drill which I do not have.
- Do one load of laundry.

- Wash all the curtains and put them back up (Actually, I would like to replace some curtains later in the year so, while they are down, I can take measurements)
- Throw away junk and clean up the bathroom cabinets
- Clear out all the old electronics, put them in my trunk to bring to work
- Take a shower, dress up and head for the opening of the art exhibition

I am planning to sleep as much as I can on Saturday night late into Sunday. I will tell my family not to call and I will turn off the volume of my mobile phone.

I think, this is enough for this weekend. I am definitely not cooking. Will order something healthy like fish and salad.


  1. That is a lot of work for a weekend. At first, I thought you meant to do it all after work. I don't blame you for not cooking. How did water damage your walls? Won't the apartment owner fix that for you?

    1. The water is seeping through the edges of the new window frames. The contractor did a bad job and I only found out about it after a whole year of exposure to rain. He is probably out of business since, I cannot find him anymore. I own the apartment just like you own your home so, it is my problem unfortunately.