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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Productive Weekend

I had a somewhat productive weekend. I had promised myself that I would throw out or give away at least 50 items. So, I attacked the various drawers and my tool box at home and in a few hours, I was able to remove 50+ items.

I fished out all the cords and cables and upon careful inspection kept a few that I needed. I will bring the rest to work to see if technical guys may make use of them.

I am also going to bring an old printer which only works as a scanner and an extremely old laptop to work.

I need to look through my books to see what can be donated. Anything that accumulates dust is my enemy ha ha! (insert evil laughter here)

I think, I can give away some old towels and linens too since the drawers are overflowing.

Bathroom cabinet is also one of my targets.

You see, there is still quiet a bit to be done but handling them in small chunks truly works. Now, I do not see this as an overwhelming task. Also, I do not create a big pile of mess at once. One drawer, one box, one cabinet at a time with frequent breaks is easy. When I am done with a box, it goes back to where it belongs so, ne mess, no fuss, no kicking myself for being sloppy.


  1. About ten years ago I looked around and detested the state of my books. I determined I would get rid of ten books each day by selling, giving away the ten selected books. My parameters were getting rid of all Shakespeare since I can find those anywhere and keeping anything of reference value--Rats and Lice in History. Raggedy 50-year-old paperbacks went. The over-riding rule was that all books must have a place on a bookshelf instead of on the floor, tables, boxes. I continued this for 80 days, yes, 800 books and I still have over 1000. By removing 10 per day, I was not in shock, could carry them to the car tied in a plastic bag. The purge ended when all books had their own piece of real estate on one of my seven bookcases. If I had tackled the job and had even more boxes and stacks of books, I would have stopped sooner over the mess I was creating.

  2. Sounds like you are on the right track! Just do a bit at a time and the progress will motivate you to keep going :) I used to be a terribly "cluttery" person. Now I can't stand it. LOL