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Monday, May 22, 2017

Mom and Technology

Here is a phone conversation we had over the weekend:

Mom: The new apartment management sent a circular. What is my e-mail address?
- You don't have one.
Mom: They are asking for it.
- Give them my e-mail address
Mom: But, they are asking for mine.
- I can get you one in a minute, but will you check it out regularly?
Mom: No, I won't (without even any hesitation)
- Ok then, you can give them my address. I check it out every day and several times.
Mom: They are also asking for the License Plate of the car.(She doesn't drive. My own car is in her garage for her and my uncle's use since I am driving a company car)
- I will send you both my e-mail address and the LP over whatsapp as soon as we hang up. (She can use whatsapp yay!)
Mom: They are asking for wishes and suggestions. What should I put here?
- Your wishes and suggestions if there are any.
Mom: No, May be I should just thank them.
- You can tell them you would like to pay the monthly apartment fee through a bank, instead of handing it to a person.
Mom: Oh, they did that. There is an IBAN number for electronic fund transfers. How am I ever going to pay that this way?
- You don't have to do anything. Just give my sister the number and she will set up automated payments for you. Since she manages your bank account, you do not have to think about this again.
Mom: Oh, that's good, I will give it to her.

She has no patience or will to learn anything new. If her parents were alive, they would have been much more interested I am sure.

My grandma used to keep the books of the pharmacy my uncle owned while he was serving in the army back in the early 80s. I had noticed that she was taking the sums manually and controlling her calculation by use of a small calculator. I had also noticed that she was not using the memory function. So, whenever she made a mistake, she would start all over again. I asked her why she wasn't using the memory function and she said, she did not know. Then she asked me to show her and thanked me several times since that was so easy. She was a handywoman and could fix even some electrical items. She was always curious to learn new things. Mom? Not at all...


  1. Sounds a bit like my Mum. She would sometimes call me up, when I was living in the Yukon (2500kms away) and ask about her email program. She'd try to walk me through what the problem was, but as we have different email servers, you can imagine how well that worked!

    1. I hope, we will not grow old like that. I just cannot bear it Lol!

  2. Replies
    1. Your mom is better than mine. Yours even uses Facebook!