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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tried something for Insomnia: 432 Hz music

Yesterday night, I decided to try a YouTube Meditation technique to put myself to sleep. The first video I listened to was about relaxing and had very low background music. A lady was almost whispering techniques to relax. It helped me get a bit sleepy but not so much. So, I switched to an Irish music video. I probably fell asleep within 15 minutes. Mind you, I was not watching those videos. I was just listening to them.

The important thing was I read somewhere that 432 Hz music is better for the body and the soul. It may be a myth. However, on reading that, I looked for 432  Hz.music and found meditative videos and used them.

They also say, some people enjoy benefits of 528 Hz music as well. 

I do not mind the mythical hypotheses about these two frequencies. Whatever floats my boat i.e. puts me to sleep, is OK. If there are true healing powers associated with these, fine. Icing on the cake.

I enjoy Celtic music and American Native Music anyhow, so, I will keep on using them to get to sleep.

I also checked my sleep pattern and found out that I had at least two solid hours of deep sleep. That truly is great because, I was not getting any deep sleep lately. 

I will keep on experimenting.


  1. What puts me to sleep right away is listening to an audio book. I wasn't trying to fall asleep LOL. But I had one on loan from the library one time and was trying to finish it, so was going to listen awhile before I went to sleep. I fell right asleep instead.

  2. Rod Stewart's American Songbook is the only music I have tried that puts me to sleep. His second American Songbook does not work--too many horns. I don't have the Third. I can try your method.

    1. Let me try that too. Thanks for sharing.