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Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Plans

I am taking mom to Istanbul with me today. Next weekend coincides with Ramadan Feast, a religious holiday, and a lot of people move from one city to another to visit relatives or take a short vacation creating terrible traffic.

I had told mom that I would not go to Ankara just for 4 days and besides Istanbul becomes such a peaceful city when people leave it. During the last few years I did go to Ankara and suffered terrible traffic both ways. I have promised myself not to do it this year.

She agreed to come with me and stay for a few weeks. Then, we shall be back and she needs some minor work done in her apartment regarding the natural gas line. I am supposed to find a contractor and supervise the work for her.

My boss will be leaving for his vacation next week until mid-August. I have a little more than two months till my vacation starting on August 25th. These are slow months at work so, I do not think, I will be too busy.

I am still looking for a replacement of the studio apartment due to the noise but, since it will create extra expenses, I think, I will stay put for another year. In a few days, I will give up the effort. Still looking just in case.

I am not planning any activity that will require spending money until my vacation in the US other than a few dinners out. So, these two months, I will be watching my spending like a hawk.


  1. Just curious how vacation in your country compares to that in the US since you mentioned the boss will be gone until August sometime.

    Also -- whatever happened with the kerfluffle with Irene and the boss's wife -- did it get settled?

  2. My boss is the sole owner of our company. So, he can take whatever time he pleases:) Normally vacation time is 14 working days a year, the first five years. 5-15 years, it is 20 work days, after 15 years, it is 26 work days a year.