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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Unexpected Savings

My vacation is coming up in late August. I lived in the US for 3.5 years back in early 90s and I still have very dear American friends with whom I am in constant touch, thanks to the Internet and all those cool mobile apps.

Few days ago, my friend in New York hailed me on Whatsapp to find out about my schedule. I always rent a car at the airport when I land. Knowing that, she told me, she would come pick me up at the airport and told me that she and her sister planned that we would stay at her sister's the first night, doing something cool the next day. Her sister lives close to JFK and Manhattan. I know her sister for years and last year she and her husband came to Istanbul and stayed with me. Being from New York, they have been all over Istanbul all by themselves during the day and we had great dinners at night together.

My friend insisted that I should cancel the car reservation and save my money. She told me, parking by her sister's is a hassle. Normally, I do not want to drag her around to do my shopping or borrow her car just in case something happens to it. However, she was convincing so, I obliged.

The rental car company and the insurance provider both returned my money to my credit card and my credit card now has a positive amount on it. This is probably the first time ever. Weird.

I will be staying with her the first 8 days of my visit and then fly to Charleston, SC to visit my other good friend.

I also spoke to my boss and told him that I wanted to prolong my visit by another week if he will be around. I have not changed the return day yet. We will have to wait until his plans get finalized.


  1. Nice! and you can always rent a car once here, if you find you want one for a day or two to run around your shopping and such.

  2. Did the earthquake today affect you, family, or work? Stay safe!

    1. Thankfully no Linda. My sister and her husband are vacationing at Kas. They have felt some shaking but they were still at a safe distance. My boss and his family are at the exact location that the earthquake happened but, thank God they are all OK and the house they are staying at is very sturdy. They were very scared though.

    2. Oh and thanks for your concern!

    3. Good. I was hating thinking about your house falling down. I'm glad all is well with your family and friends.